I  Am

I am the Great Spirit who thrives on my own blessings

I hunger for justice of my own damaged children. 

I am the Great Eagle that watched as my children were slaughtered and driven from their lands,

Which I blessed many times for them. 

My spirit was there in the Drum

...as songs were sung for me, and my form took shape from the smoke of the tobacco

...when you offered the Pipe of Peace, in my name.

I have not left you my children,

I have felt your pain and the pain of your ancestors.

I wept when you were disgraced. 

I bled when you went into battle against your oppressors, and I mourned until I could no longer stand the pain in my heart

...at the Trail of Tears.  

Your numbers dwindled from sickness and you were driven to the Reservations, and now my children you are being bleached from society like sands on a lowly beach

...and cannot remember who you are. 

Like a wounded Eagle that could not take to flight

You were weakened and your spirit left you like a dying ember

From a rain soaked fire. 

Go then and take all the gifts I have given to you. 

Take the Holy Pipe of Peace, the Longbow, the blessed bows of the Cedar, the customs, traditions and countless stories I have whispered to you in your dreams. 

Teach these things to your children and to those of you who were bleached from society and don't remember who they are. 

Don't ever forget my children that the Great Spirit is here with you  

...whenever you hear me whisper in the wind   

...whenever you look up and see the Great Eagle soaring the thermals I set before him 

...and whenever you see the bright sun shining over the Great Rivers and Streams that I carved out for you

know that I am with you. 

and with every prayer and blessing I will bless you and write your destiny in my heart.


Antoine Gagnon

Portage Lake, Maine





Wesget Sipu        

 is a Mi’kmaq phrase which translates to Fish River,  and in this way we honor the region now known as the Fish River Chain.

Our ancestors, the Native People of the St John River Valley; have hunted, fished and lived here from the beginning.  We are the people of Turtle Island, the children of the L'nu and Wolastoqiyik...the Mi'kmaq and the Maliseet.

We are dedicated to the preservation of our native culture & traditions.


Wesget Sipu  

Fish River Tribe

Wesget Sipu  

Fish River Tribe

Chief Donat J Cyr



Wesget Sipu Office

P.O.Box 197

Fort Kent Mills, Maine   04744


Diane Bell

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