We are Dedicated to the Education of Our Tribal Members and The Preservation of Our Way of Life...

Our Tribal Youth Are Our Most Treasured Gift from Creator,

They are the Continuation!

Wesget Sipu is pleased to announce that a scholarship in the amount of $300.00 will be awarded to a graduating high school senior.

The Amy Theriault Memorial Scholarship Applications (available at bottom of this page)

will be accepted from graduating high school seniors who are Wesget SipuTribal Members in good standing.

Students must be attending or planning on attending a fully accredited college or university on a full-time basis.

Student requirements for scholarship application:

*Be a currently enrolled member in good standing with theWesget Sipu tribe.

*Provide high school transcripts

*Provide a copy of their college acceptance

*Write a short two part essay:

First part - Themselves and their plans. Students should have clear goals about what they want to accomplish in life. Progress toward accomplishing their goals may be demonstrated by study, work, volunteerism, extracurricular activities, leadership roles etc.

Second part- What their Native American Indian heritage means to them.

*Provide two letters of recommendation

Criteria for awarding all Scholarships

The members of the Scholarship Committee will screen applications and award the scholarship on the following basis:

CHARACTER (self motivation);

LEADERSHIP (school & community);

SERVICE TO OTHERS (school & community);


Each item will receive a numerical rating from 1-9 (one being the lowest, nine the highest) with the scores for scholastic ability being doubled. The total of these ratings determines the success of the application (in case of a tie, a member of the Board of Directors will be asked to evaluate both applicants and that evaluation will serve as the tie-breaker.)


Please mail to:

Wesget Sipu

Scholarship Application

PO Box 197

Fort Kent Mills, Maine


Wesget Sipu Presents the

Amy Theriault Memorial Scholarship 


Right click on Application, Save Picture As  "Scholarship App", then print from your 

computer to fill out and mail with all required data before May 31, 2017.


The Amy Theriault Memorial Scholarship